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Safety Policy

Safety policy statement

Prince Helicopters strives to ensure that our aviation activities operate as safely as possible. This means flying with airworthy aircraft (helicopters), operated by competent airmen after good flight preparation and correct and safe aircraft maintenance Furthermore, we will comply with all regulations applicable to us and to limit the risks inherent in flying and maintenance as much as possible. Our goal is therefore:
• No accidents,

and that is why we encourage
• increasing knowledge of safe aviation among our customers, members and staff,
• an environment in which safety has top priority and is second nature.

We are deploying all necessary resources to achieve this. This includes the introduction and application of a safety management system. This entails that we are systematically and continually improving ourselves in the area of safety. Toward this end we have appointed a Safety Manager who will implement and maintain the Safety Management System.
An important part of a safety management system is having the right culture within our organisation. We create a culture whereby learning from incidents is key and the honest acknowledgement of mistakes is seen as a chance to learn and as an opportunity to increase the safety or our aviation activities. When researching incidents it is therefore the identification of the cause of the incident which is the focal point and not the individual. This allows us to do something about that cause and prevent the same incident from happening again. The issue of guilt is therefore not relevant, unless there has been negligent and reckless behaviour.

We will take action against the wilful contravention of (Dutch) legislation and regulations and against our own rules. We will not tolerate this unacceptable behaviour.

In order to learn from incidents it is necessary that you report your incidents to us. We would also like to ask you to report identified hazards to us. This is in our joint interest. We therefore request your explicit cooperation! We guarantee the anonymity of the person making the report.
We publish the results of the investigations of incidents and identified hazards, plus the measures which we take in connection with this on the notice board, during staff meetings for your perusal. Naturally we also publish the measures taken in connection with identified hazards.

A safe environment is created by all of us together!

Thank you for your cooperation,

Prince Helicopters